Tuesday, 29 October 2013

International Education Programs at the Swift Group of Colleges

Over the years, our world has become increasingly interdependent. In the current world scenario the social and technological challenges that we face are global in their reach and require collective solutions involving governments, businesses, institutions and organizations all over the world. In these circumstances, it is increasingly important that students are aware of global dynamics and can communicate effectively across cultures. Students can gain this knowledge and develop these skills through international education programs. The Swift Group of Colleges is one such institute of international education.

The Swift Group of Colleges is an initiative that aims to build intercultural and international aptitude and a sense of global citizenship amongst students and education professionals. It provides exposure and discussion of international issues. The benefits of international education initiatives go beyond the personal growth and skills obtained by individual students. These initiatives also have positive economic impacts on our society. Students examine the effects of globalism and changing technology. Reflective practice and practical training enable skill development in and deeper examination of each student’s chosen field.

The Swift Group of Colleges offers the unique opportunity to earn a degree in international education from an institution that also provides the option to study abroad. In all these programs, learning derives from what is taught at the institute, personal practice, analysis, and experience. Students gain theoretical knowledge and are able to develop the professional competencies they identify as critical to their career.

The Swift Group of Colleges prepares hands-on professionals to be successful in intercultural and international environments. All programs have the motive to create responsible global citizens. Through this program the Swift Group of Colleges enhanced tolerance and respect for diversity, an increase in critical thinking skills, development of civic responsibility, and increased engagement in life-long learning.

For this reason, the Swift Group of Colleges provides international engineering programs that create awareness and adoption of alternative and different approaches to learning, analytical and problem solving skills and enhanced interest in global issues as well as a broader general knowledge. A tremendous sense of accomplishment upon completion encourages students to develop their own opinions, make expert decisions and work towards attaining fresh goals. The time that a student spends in the Swift Group of Colleges ensures that he completes the program successfully and focusing to succeed through challenging times.

The Swift Group of Colleges ensures that it stands up to the best standards worldwide. Its engineering degree programme meets the high standards set by the engineering profession. It is a rigorous endorsement of a key element of the pathway that a student is embarking on towards becoming a professionally registered engineer. 


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