Friday, 7 March 2014

Corporate Training Programs in SGOC

The new millennium heralded a new type of work force in India. A work force of young ambitious people who kick started their careers at an early age. SGOC  had anticipated this upsurge of young determined executives and came up with an executive education program, designed from the ground up to deliver on the aspirations of youngsters.

Today we, at SGOC, can proudly state that we offer one of the most comprehensive corporate training programs. Other than corporate, we also have with us pleasure to introduce ourselves as a college that is committed to development of youth. Here, we offer training programs for students to deliver knowledge & skills that are required for them to enhance their employ ability as well as to effectively take on their corporate life and personal life.

 Our programs are well-researched & applied over years to perfection. Currently, we are offering training programs that include class-room training for degree students - under graduation. These programs are strongly recommended for all levels of students and are planned in such a way that students get benefit of these programs throughout their graduation. It is suitable for the final year students or even a fresher aiming to get into the corporate world. The transition from college to corporate life is challenging, crucial and time-consuming.
Our corporate training program is enough to offer a bridge between college and corporate life. If you are looking for a perfect Development Training, then you have reached the right place. We provide effective Campus to Corporate Training to fresher, which helps them in getting into corporate easily.

SGOC is a college that hones the English language skills, Soft skills and Technical skills of the workforce and the students as these skills are significant for the success of a company. Bearing this in mind, we have taken up the mission of breaking down the barriers that hinder the progress of a person as an individual and a company as a whole, creating unique solutions and maximizing the potential in them. It is also well known for inducing tremendous change in the attitude and behavior of the workforce within a short span of time. Thus we not only save time, but also help you to refine the workforce and achieve a remarkable operational excellence.

SGOC’s trainers take great pleasure in connecting to people who are committed to developing their personality and communication skills. It is our vision to make a difference in the lives of people by preparing them to meet the different career aspects expected of them by the employers and we are committed to provide excellent service and quality in training. SGOC conducts training under the guidance of professional trainers, in structured courses that enable us to discover areas of improvement in the trainees and arrive at proper solutions.

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