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Friday, 15 November 2013

Swift School of Pharmacy

Like every other field, the advancement of pharmacy education in India has also undergone a lot of change. The development of a country, amongst other things, depends on pharmacist education. The profession of pharmacy plays a very important role in sustainable growth of a country, especially a developing one like India. Therefore a career in the field of pharmaceutical sciences holds tremendous promise for opportunities nationally and globally.

The Swift School of Pharmacy a part of the prestigious Swift Group of Colleges is affiliated to Punjab Technical University and is amongst top ranking colleges in Punjab. The pharmacy courses offered are Bachelors in Pharmacy and Masters in Pharmacy.

In an era when accredited Pharmacy institutions are few the Swift School of Pharmacy maintains high standards. It maintains very high standards for the strength and quality of its faculty. The management of the college is proactive and provides facilities necessary for an educational environment and thus ensuring good academia. After completing their courses the students are very well placed and fulfil all the criteria that pharmaceutical companies look for in graduates.

The Swift School of Pharmacy very well covers the gap between education and practice of pharmacy. It has a very well developed practical environment. Today, when most colleges are churning out qualified pharmacists the Swift School of Pharmacy develops trained pharmacists. This difference is very evident in its students. They prove their worth in society. Along with instilling knowledge the Swift School of Pharmacy also instils a deep sense of responsibility. Thus leading the health spectrum of India are the students of the Swift School of Pharmacy.