Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Career in Pharmacy

Career in Pharmacy is not only challenging but full of opportunities. Today degree in Pharmacy offers wide array of career options to the students. Contrary to traditional laboratories or classrooms, Pharmacy profession has come up a long way with immense and wide career opportunities. And at Swift school of Pharmacy we prepare students for exploring these unlimited opportunities.

Various career options available to pharmacy students :

  • Teaching: Any first class B. Pharma or M. Pharma student is eligible to teach as lecturer in Pharmacy College. Where B. Pharma graduate can teach only D. Pharma students, M. Pharma student is eligible for teaching B. Pharma or D. Pharma Students. Along with teaching they can do research in Pharmaceutical field and strive to become a well known Research Scientist.

  • Pharmacist: Pharmacist is another good option for B. Pharma graduate. They can work in hospital or any community center.

  • Clinical Research: Many B. Pharma and M. Pharma students opt for clinical research. The human testing phase is called the clinical trail. Clinical Researcher play a crucial role in monitoring and over seeing the clinical trails conducted on human volunteers. They are responsible for meeting the international standard of clinical trails.

  • Quality Control Manager: They are responsible for maintaining product quality. QA/QC Manager is responsible for ensuring that the quality management system (QMS) is fully implemented in an organized and efficient manner.

  • Health managers: Health managers are responsible for the developments of clinical care plans, investigating adverse medication events and finding out preventing measures. Any Pharmacy graduate is eligible for taking up a career as health manager.

  • Sales and Marketing: Pharmacy students with excellent communication skills and good personality can opt for job of the medical representatives as they have Good knowledge about the drug molecules, their therapeutic effects and the drug – drug interactions. Today health insurance companies also prefer pharmacy students in their sales process.

  • Regulatory Manager: A pharmacy graduate can work as Regulatory Manager in companies and contract research organization. A Regulatory Manager is responsible for regulatory documentation such as Clinical trial approval permission, marketing approval permission etc.

     Excelling in Career with SGOC

    With the mushrooming of institutes, students find it difficult to chose an institute that has unmatched campus facilities, study ambiance and practical exposure. Well with Swift group of colleges, you don’t need to get confused because Swift Group of Colleges (SGOC) not only offers you the best education in the Punjab region but also offers you industrial exposure so that when you step in your professional life you are ready to take on opportunities that come your way. Situated at Rajpura, Swift Group of colleges provides opportunities to the students, coming from various backgrounds and families to excel in their career.

    Swift Group of Colleges believed that institutes plays a crucial role in linking industry and academics and following this ideology, we at Swift Group of Colleges put special emphasis on industrial training. The students enrolled in various courses like B.com, Master in business administration, Bachelor in business administration, Computer Science and Engineering, BCA, MCA, B Pharma Courses and many more are provided with opportunities to get industry training for their career growth so that they do well in their professional careers .

    In contrary to other colleges, Students enrolled at Swift group of colleges commence their industrial training from the second year of their academic courses as per their trades and specializations. Along with Swift Group of colleges have special soft skills enhancing provisions for its students which include communications skill classes, grooming sessions, personality development classes, English speaking classes and workshops. Seminars, guest lecturers and industrial visit are conducted from time to time for students –which perfectly meets our commitment of imparting practical knowledge.

    When the student is ready the master appears. -Buddhist Proverb


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